Hey everyone! I guess introductions would quite be appropriate for now! 🙂

Definitely, I am one of many that have always wanted to blog but has no idea on how to start. Firstly, a lot of bloggers are already into this since the beginning and what could someone like me ever contribute to the blogging community. But, after a few trips in different cities, few years of contemplation, and a few times on being unemployed and bored, ( YES BOREDOM could kill you.) I finally said to myself; Whatever! Just start and see where it takes you! Eventually, you’ll learn on the process and at the same time have fun while you’re at it! For a beginner, I just thought that I shouldn’t worry about who will be reading my posts but to find the passion in writing to the world about the things I love and appreciate.

So my name is Erica Chiong and I am Filipino-Chinese. I grew up in the Philippines and both my parents are Filipinos. My dad has pure chinese blood in him hence my half and half.

I am a down to earth kind of girl who still tries to figure out her purpose in life. I get lost once in a while but the free spirited me knows how to pull myself together and reminds herself to just enjoy. We do have one life and only one chance to enjoy it. I am someone who can’t sit still so you wouldn’t find me in one city in a long span of time. I have always been up and about for I  find enjoyable distraction in travelling, cooking and photography. So hopefully I will be able to share my journeys in the culinary aspect, where maybe I could share a recipe or two, my foodie adventures, travels, photography, and I guess anything under the sun! It’s my blog anyway right so write all the way!


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