Overseas Hungover

Foreign lands never yields their secrets to travelers. The best they offer are tantalizing snippets, just enough to inflame the imagination. The secrets that they do reveal are your own- the ones you have kept to yourself. And this is a reason enough to travel,to leave home.” -Graeme Sparks

It’s been over a month since I got back from the US, specifically Austin, Texas. I can’t even explain how my inner thoughts have made me feel so flustered. It’s like those butterflies you feel in your tummy. Not the “I’m so in love” kind of butterflies, but the befuddled one.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve miss the Philippines so much! I missed my family, my mom’s home cooked meals, my dad’s enthusiasm with his hobbies, my little bedroom, my butt-head of a siblings, friends, the yummy local treats, and the list goes on!

But have you ever felt out of place? Lose the sense of direction.

Ever since I got home, it felt like I have to start all over again. No idea where to begin and  how to continue living life at your own home country. Would I still want to work here now that I have experienced how it is like to earn in a different country? Hey! life’s not easy working abroad. Just because we’re earning in dollars it doesn’t make us Kings and Queens! We also have bills to pay, rental, monthly dues and expenses like normal people do. But at least I don’t carry the burden of thinking that this job’s not worth it. And you would appreciate your job more and be motivated to improve your culinary skills because you are compensated well. (FYI, I work in the kitchen) Even if work can be stressful at least I could still have my own leisure time,not worry about not earning enough,travel, explore, get well rested, and be back to work fully energized. Unlike here, you’ve wasted a lot of sweat and blood but when payday comes, your hard-earned money wouldn’t even reach the tip of your fingers! It’s already reserved for debts, debts and debts alone. Nothing left for yourself.

Living abroad have opened my eyes to so much than when we stay in our own nest. You will learn to live independently, you’ll meet different kinds of people, experience a different culture, and even learn something new about yourself. The once so shy girl turned out to have a lot of potentials. Well, I will always see myself as an introverted type of creature but I just found within me the capability to reach out, be comfortable and get along with other people.  I can now be an extrovert-introvert person. Well yeah, I would still keep the “introvert” part since I will always be a Virgo (LOL). But I guess I am a more confident version of myself now. Haha. I even find it funny that I get along more with the locals than my fellow Filipinos. Again, don’t get me wrong, I love my Filipino friends. I could have never survived the US without the company and emotional support of your own people. Everyone’s going through the same thing so we would really depend on each other in surviving in a foreign land. I’ve made so much connection with my fellow Filipinos that I consider them as my family. I love them to bits and I miss them so much everyday. sobs*

But I am not the type of friend that would be the loud one in a group or keep everyone entertained for being silly. That is definitely not me and people who knows me really well would agree with that! I’m more of the listener, the one you could count on, or the friend who is game with whatever you wanna do. But I don’t open up easily. I tend to keep my mouth shut especially to Filipinos, unless we’re really good friends of course! No offense but I feel that Filipinos can be judgmental in what you say or do. Maybe we’ve adopted it with our conservative culture? That what we do might be crazy or too foolish against the culture we grew up into. That’s the reason why I love to get along with the locals, they wouldn’t give a damn on what you do or say! You can speak your mind and everyone’s very open minded. I felt that I am more myself over there and I guess that’s one big factor why I miss living abroad.

I surely did miss the traffic system! There are moments at work that me and my work buddies would just compare how life is in our home cities. I would always say to them if you haven’t been to the Philippines, then you haven’t experienced real TRAFFIC. You sit in the car for 20 minutes, and that’s already traffic in Austin. LOL. But I love how organized everything is and how clean it is in Austin. The moment I step foot in our country, my allergies came rushing back and I haven’t been feeling well for almost a month. If I haven’t gone to the doctor, I probably still be sneezing all day, everyday.

Austin may not be as wonderful as New York, elegant as California, or crazy as Vegas, but Austin feels like the down to earth kind of city. It’s not as busy as the major cities in the US but you would still get to see wonderful places especially nature! oh you would love the city if you’re an up and about nature lover.You would get to  experience crazy events as well. A big plus is the people there are very friendly! it’s the southern hospitality as what they call it and you wouldn’t experience this kind of hospitality anywhere else in the US. Too friendly sometimes though. You can even just randomly chat with someone on your bus ride back home.  Even the weird ones are friendly. Keep Austin Weird indeed. :)))

I most definitely miss the connections I made with the people I’ve met in the city. My stay abroad wouldn’t even be as fun as it was without them. I’ve come across different people and I love how remarkable each and everyone is in their own silly ways. Amazing human beings! To those people, you know who you guys are and not a day passed that I don’t think of you. Crazy fun times indeed! No goodbyes but see you soon. 🙂

Okay, I should really stop reminiscing now. As what they say; When time goes by you would eventually warm up and get used to life back home again.           Maybe.

Will I ever let go of my hungover with the US?

Hell NO! It’s just hard to finally absorb the fact that I am back home now and I’m miles and miles away from the life I learned to love back there.

But will I move forward? Definitely will.

My experiences just made me a stronger individual and I will make sure to be a better someone on the next chapter of this so called LIFE.

“And suddenly you know… It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

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