The mind; your friend or enemy?

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

There are times that I feel like my mind thinks too much. Too much things going on that I can’t even express or define how much the mind goes through every single day.

The mind is indeed a manifestation of your being. But then again, if the mind has always been you, your thoughts, your ideas, your insanity, then why do I struggle everyday to control myself from doing what I’m thinking? Is it because society has instilled in us that some actions can be bad and some actions are good? What if your mind says to do something awful, but then your body controls your mind to limit your actions at the same time.

Now I wonder, does the mind really play games with your inner self and test you on your capabilities to do something unforgivable or why do I even need to control what my mind says when everyone has “free will”.

Does conscience really exist or is it a made up feeling taught to us so we won’t feel joy and contentment with what our mind desires. Did society intentionally create ‘guilt’ so we wouldn’t have the pleasure of the mind?

This thought has always been bothering me. I may sound crazy. I think everyone has their own kind of crazy. But it takes a lot to be a sane indivual living and putting a face to the world everyday. The mind is wonderful and exquisite as it is but there are times that I feel it’s too much as well. It knows your weaknesses, it knows your strengths. It knows how to encourage oneself to be tough in facing some circumstances but it could be the devil too. The mind can break you and snap you out of nowhere. It’s honestly terrifying.

For it is indeed the faculty of an entity’s thoughts and consciousness.

Your opinions are welcome.

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