A Fine Sunday Afternoon in Carcar


Cebu has always been one of my go to place in the Philippines. It has the feel of a lively and busy city life but at the same time it is one of the most relaxing places in the country.  Cebu is bursting with culture, beautiful beaches, hidden gem spots, and lovely people. No wonder I chose to live here aside from my hometown, which is Zamboanga City( We’ll talk about Zamboanga in a different post).

I am going to share how some of my weekends are in Cebu. Most people would go and unwind by the beach, party all night at a club or go to a mall to watch the latest movies, but I prefer to go on a road trip and visit some of the cities here in Cebu. I invited my sister to tag along since she wasn’t too busy with school that weekend.

Gas pumped up, check! Tires? Checked! Bottled water? Of course! Well, we didn’t bother packing snacks because we were headed to a place with delicious treat anyway! And this place is called Carcar City!

Carcar is about 2 hours drive from Cebu City and it is well known for its’ agricultural land. Most of their hectares of land is dedicated to rice farming and the rest is for corn, crop farming and flower farming. For the foodie side, the city is well known for their ‘Chicharon’ (pork rind), ‘Ampao’ (rice crispies), ‘Bocarillo‘ (candied coconut strips), and their ‘lechon’ or roasted pig which is the main reason why I made this trip. Their lechon is to die for! (Literally to die because it is high in cholesterol, can cause high blood pressure, heart problems and weight issues! But like every food, always consume them in moderation. haha! ) But anyway, it can be bought at Carcar’s Public Market and it’s pretty affordable for 350php a kilo.

The moment we arrived at the lechon stalls, the sight of it made me so hungry! You have to take a little walk into the market though for you to find this lechon paradise. Me and my sister got a kilo of the lechon, some puso rice, a bottle of Mountain Dew, and we’re SOLVED! Mission accomplished. LOL

After having our luscious lechon meal, we decided to take another 20 minute drive to Simala to visit the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist since we were already close by. People are not allowed to go in the monastery while wearing shorts so make sure to wear pants or a long skirt before heading that way. I learned my lesson the hard way! Anyway, good thing there were ladies outside who were selling ‘sarong’ (a long piece of cloth worn wrapped around the body). The lady who we approached was kind enough to just lend her sarong. I still wonder why but anyway, we still ended up giving her a few pesos upon returning the sarong for her generosity. When we finally got in the monastery, we paid our respects, lit candles and said our prayers.



Before finally heading home, we decided to do another stop-over which is like 15 minutes away from Carcar City. We continued our trip for another foodie adventure which led us to the Molave Milk Station at Barili Road. This place is famous for the fresh milk from their own cows, carabaos, and goats. They also make their own gelato and ice cream which were really rich and creamy. This is something I appreciate especially for home-made frozen treats. We had the avocado gelato and melon gelato, and a few bottles of the fresh goat milk. We left the place with a smile and a happy tummy! Any road trip I find worth it especially if it’s searching for good eats around the city!


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