doodle shenanigans

Have you ever had moments in class where you just zone out in the middle of discussion? Physically present but your consciousness is wandering somewhere magical or probably snoozing because of no interest at all with the class lecture? Of course you have! I believe all of our teenage selves have gone through such moments. We probably have zoned out in any day of our lives too! You may be thinking about what you’ll be having for dinner after work, maybe how handsome your crush is, or probably reading a book you love, or simply just doodling silly characters on your notebook. I have always been the latter. I consider doodling as a great past time especially in extreme boring situations but also I always thought I have a thing in drawing. It probably runs in the blood, I don’t know. But all I know is even my siblings do have their own specific drawing styles which I have always considered beautiful and interesting.

There were even times during summer that my mom would enroll me to these art programs in a university in my hometown. I guess instead of being a bum at home all summer, I had to make my time productive. As a kid, I just went with the flow. But hey don’t expect me to be as good as Picasso or Michelangelo. I was just a kid for heaven’s sake. Anyhow, as I grew up I didn’t bother improving the craft since I always thought it was just a hobby.

One of the things though that I’ve always wanted to do was to paint in canvas. I have no experience or training whatsoever in terms of painting but my foolish self tried doing it at home one day. I guess I was feeling inspired for some reason! 🙂 Take note, I didn’t learn any of the basic stuff on painting so don’t laugh at this monstrosity! lol


Of course I had to paint a dog! Dogs are adorable! :))) I know. I know, it needs more work but not too shabby for a rusty first-timer right? 🙂

Another thing that I did for a while was Snap Arts. Basically, snapart is doodling in Snapchat.  It is harder to do because you’ll be drawing on your phone so don’t be surprised if you can’t even draw a perfect line on it. What made me think of doodling on my phone? Exactly, BOREDOM! LOL

This was when I was still a frequent user of the app.

This usually happens when I try to make myself sleepy for bed time. It works for me!

What are your favorite doodles or past time? Let me know! Xoxo

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