message request..

It was an ordinary afternoon.

Sitting outside of a coffee shop just feeling the cold breeze while watching people on every corner of the park infront of you.

The constant refreshing of your instagram stories, facebook updates

..checking on it every minute just because you’re used to it. Making yourself look busy even though you’re not.

Wondering why you decided to get out of your bed wherein you can completely just lie there all day comfortably.

But no, you chose to get up and feel the outside, not just be around the usual corners of your bedroom.

You wanted to atleast experience movement, not just your own breathing.

So here you are now in a coffee shop, barely touching your drink, wondering why you went out when you continuously convinced yourself to get out of the house while constantly checking your Facebook on your phone again. You barely even use your Facebook messenger, but decided to check it out anyway.

Reading old messages from old friends, acquaintances, making you realize you haven’t made contact with anyone because you prefer to be alone. You realize, how pathetic it is these days. No one makes effort to meet up in person anymore.

Prefer to talk with their devices instead.

But while you’re contemplating on this, you suddenly get a message request.

Wondering who it was, you opened it.

You were surprised to see who it is.

The request is from an old friend,

an old lover,

your first love, to be exact.

You haven’t heard from her for years now. Your break-up was a bit messy but you certainly know to yourself that you’ve moved on from it. You’re the type of person who don’t hold grudges, and says enough is enough when it is indeed over.

But why the sudden rise of your heart beat?

You weren’t really excited in a good way, more of nervous.

You wonder what made her message you again.

You decided to open the message request, didn’t expect it to be a lengthy one either.

It says:

“Hey you! How’ve you been? I know this is sudden but I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to say that after all these years, I still think of you and I actually wanted to know if I still have a chance. I know it’s too much to ask but you will always be my greatest love. I don’t know why I allowed myself to let go of you. I know I had my shortcomings but I hope we could still work us out. I miss you.”

You just stared at it. Shocked for a moment. But what did you feel?


are you that cold hearted and don’t even feel a slightest warmth of emotion?

You don’t feel any hatred towards this person despite everything you’ve been through with her but at the same time, you don’t feel comfort either.

I guess you really do keep your word on “enough is enough.”

You paused for a moment, replied.

“I have been great. Thank you for asking. I’m sorry though, I have a girlfriend and I am happy but I hope all is well with you.”

And just like that.

You don’t even have a girlfriend but you thought to yourself that maybe she won’t bother you anymore if you lied.

You haven’t had a girlfriend in ages but shrugs it off anyways.

Finally takes a sip of your coffee. End of discussion.

Two weeks later.

You are doing grocery shopping,

checking out every aisle but not paying attention really.

Just blanky strolling along the aisles, when suddenly your phone rings.

Your bestfriend’s name pops up.

You answered it.


And what have you been up to lady?! I haven’t heard from you in ages!

What’s up?

Ha! And is that how you talk to your bestie now? I just missed you! Anyway, guess what?!

*sighs* What is it?

Have you heard?! Your ex-lover just got married last week! Isn’t that interesting? And all I thought she was full-blown lesbian! I guess you can never tell these days hah? I wonder who the dude is. And they’re expecting a baby too! …. …. ….

You stayed silent while he kept talking on the other end. Didn’t know how to respond honestly. But after a few seconds, just gave out a sigh.

And you thought to yourself, was she being selfish again? Did she really think it through before messaging you about second chances.

You thought it was pathetic. Did she really expect it’ll work out just like that especially now that she’s pregnant?

But then it made you also think, why would she message you if she was engaged already and getting married a week after?

Is she crazy? Or maybe she did mean it when she said that you were her greatest love.

Her one that got away.

But what can we do about it now?

She already said, I DO.


Hey everyone! I haven’t been posting for a while now, I know I know! But look I did! LOL
Anyway, as a come back for the new year, I decided to make a short story. I’ll probably do random short stories every now and then whenever I get the fire going. But for now I hope you enjoyed what you read and I would really appreciate for your comments, feedbacks for future writing inspirations, techniques or if you would like a part two of this post then let me know. I’ll be sticking to my travel and food blogs as well since I’m looking forward to more adventures this year!

“May the odds be ever on your favour.” -District 12, Effie Trinket

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