Love is wide.

Valentine’s day, a hyped up holiday to celebrate love in a commercial way. Roses, cakes, expensive candlelit dinners, anything to impress and spend a day with your partner. I am not against all these because I too long for someone to spend this day of hearts with, someone I can call mine. But then again, isn’t everyday supposed to be a time of love with your special someone? Or better yet, isn’t everyday a chance to learn how to appreciate and love yourself more.

For years I have longed for a love so pure, a love so true, no pretentions, no bullshits. I cling on people I feel the slightest connection with, hoping they are the one, only to realize every person I meet, is a step to getting my heart broken more and more until I lose the meaning of honest and pure love.

Through the heart aches, love have turned into fragments of disappointments left shattered on the floor.

The once so innocent love I had hoped for turned into doubts and coldness. I must say I turned into a monster of my own that neither I could fully understand.

I was young, ignorant. But life gets at you eventually.

It’s only recently I have realized that you meet the people in your life for a reason. It may be good or bad, but somehow they have an impact on you and how you are now. It’s up to you on how to handle their influence on you to make you a better person.

There are times that passerbys in my life have broken me and I in return have hurt them. Whether intentionally or not, eventually everyone is meant to feel hurt, to feel betrayed, because within this betrayal, strength grows within. We may not be aware at first, because we let anger cloud our thoughts and let sadness overwhelm us. But later do we realize, we should be thankful with the people we’ve come across, because without them, you are not in your place right now. You wouldn’t learn how to appreciate people more each day and to appreciate your worth as a person.

Through the years, and with the mere existence of these people, I learned to appreciate myself. You don’t need anyone in your present life to love you and to confirm your worth because you, yourself is the only person that is privileged to recognize your worth. If you know your worth, if you know how to love yourself, then you will appreciate the people in your life more. You will appreciate life itself.

Though there are instances that you doubt what you are capable of, that is normal. We can’t just instantly push that away. But let that thought challenge you to prove that that doubt ain’t true and that you are more than what you are.

You are a person of love, that despite imperfections, you know how to treat yourself right and be contented with what you are.

And for that person you longed for throughout the years? That person can wait, because only when you have truly appreciated and learn to love yourself that you will be able to give that pure love you’ve always wanted to someone worth your time and energy for.

“For LOVE is indeed WIDE, you can’t see across to the other side.”

Happy Valentine’s to everyone out there! May love shower you every day! ❤️❤️

2 thoughts on “Love is wide.

  1. “If you know your worth, if you know how to love yourself, then you will appreciate the people in your life more. You will appreciate life itself.” This is so true. Beautifully written. I am inspired to love myself more na, charowt! HAHA Happy valentines day. ♥

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