Mundane but agonizing.

Another day, another cycle.

Same one as yesterday.

The only difference, it gets denser.  

Alarm clock beeps at 6:00 AM.

Startled by its’ noise.

Shuts it off anyway. 

When will it end? Exhausted from the aimless wander of these thoughts. 

Can I stay in slumber for a few more minutes? 

On a second thought, can I stay this way eternally?

Eyes closed,

away from the physical world, within the tranquility of slumber. I would trade anything in the universe just to obtain such nirvana.

The alarm goes off again. 6:30 AM.

Allows it to blare. Honestly, doesn’t give a damn anymore. 

What’s the point of waking up every single day,

if every sunrise does not depict brightness, sunshine or beauty?

The skies are cloaked with wickedness, pity, and pain. 

Mundane but agonizing.

Every time I step foot in reality, it strangles me. I keep losing my breath;

not to an extent where it will end you,

it needs you to struggle and hold on much longer.

It doesn’t uplift you or desires to see hope and optimism in your downcast eyes,

but rather the opposite.

It lives within your despair. You enrich it with your sorrows.

I wonder if there’s a way out to this kind of misery. A way to end this at all.

It’s exhausting. Can’t quite tell how long will I tolerate it.

At the same time, the fear of the unknown is intimidating.

What awaits on the other side, 

or if there even is one.

Then again,

I would rather allow the soul to float aimlessly

than to be trapped in your own Alcatraz.

POEM. 2:00 AM; 08-01-2018

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