I see People

“We walk past people in streets, or they serve us in restaurants, and we know nothing about the struggles they may be living with. “

Ever wonder what’s going on everyone’s head whenever we come across them everyday on the busy streets? Moments like getting stuck in traffic, or just sitting on a patio drinking a cup of coffee makes me observe the people who are hurriedly walking to wherever they have to be headed, an old lady reading the papers, or even just a police officer doing his rounds. Despite everyone’s daily routine, everyone has to deal with their own horrors, dilemmas, and even joys.

Last June 2017, my friends and I were in New York City and obviously we did all the tourist-y stuff like Time Square, Brooklyn bridge, Little Italy and all that stuff. But I can’t help notice the people around the city too! It’s interesting to see how bustling of a city New York is but still get to appreciate how people live their lives everyday. I tried to capture as much as I could and hopefully you would appreciate as well what I’ve witness through these photos.

“NEW YORK, NEW YORK. A city so nice, they named it twice.”


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